Sunday, November 2, 2008

Card #30, There Are No Words for Beauty Like This

This incredible specimen of a volcano is located on the North Island of New Zealand. Its original Maori name is Mount Taranaki, but it was also called Mount Egmont by Captain Cook. It is a quietly active volcano standing at 8261 feet. According to Maori legend, Taranaki once lived in the middle of the North Island with all the other volcanoes. The beautiful Pihanga was coveted by all the mountains, and a great battle broke out between them. Tongariro eventually won the battle, inflicting wounds on the side of Taranaki. Taranaki fled to the west, towards the sea, until the sun rose and petrified him into his current state. When Taranaki conceals himself with rainclouds, he is said to be crying for his lost love, and during spectacular sunsets, he is said to be displaying himself to her. In turn, Tongariro's eruptions are said to be a warning to Taranaki not to return. Thanks to user cathrs for this gorgeous card.


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