Monday, April 27, 2009

Kelantan, Malaysia

I have undertaken to write about the state of Kelantan in northern Malaysia, and wow, I am so overwhelmed! There is an incredible Wikipedia article that I encourage you to read, but I will try my best to cover some interesting points here. First off, this card is from imajica, the famous Postcrosser :) and also one of the girls participating in the international blog I share with four ladies. (Private, unfortunately, sorry. ): 

Where do I begin? A bulleted list, with interesting points:
  • An agrarian state (primarily rice) in Northeast Malaysia, bordered by Thailand, also heavily focused on fishing.
  • Contains some of the most ancient archaelogical finds in Malaysia.
  • Most socially conservative and Islamic state in Malaysia.
  • Each Malaysian state is ruled by a sultan according to Constitutional law.
  • 95% of Kelantan's population is ethnic Malay, but enclaves of ethnic Thai and Chinese can also be found.
  • The aboriginal people of Malaysia are called Orang Asli, and can be found in small numbers  in Kelantan.
  • Kelantanese cuisine is heavily influenced by Thai cuisine, and contains quite a bit of rice, fish, coconut milk, and chicken (meat and eggs), among other things native to the region.
Kelantan has a lot of really cool traditional cultural activities. 
  • Wayang kulit Kelantan is a form of shadow puppetry. (Cool three-minute video)
  • Mak yong, declared by UNESCO as a "Masterpiece Of The Oral And Intangible Heritage Of Humanity," and is considered among the most authentic of Malay performing arts.
  • Wau bulan, or traditional kite-flying (usually by men) is one of the national symbols of Malaysia.
  • Silat is a Malaysian form of martial arts. (50-second video here)
  • Gasing is the tradition of top-spinning. 
  • Handicrafts include batik and songket.
Enjoy all the fun facts. What a fascinating place!


imajica said...

lovely Katie!!!!!!! :D who's famous postcrosser? lol
thank you for the awesome entry about my homestate that even myself can't come up with this PERFECT write-up :):) you're amazing! and those traditional features are really unique to my place that I wish they're more well known to others to! and if you ever come to Kota Bharu town, all those performances can be watched live at the cultural center.
oh..... I am so overwhelmed with your post...:) please expect a tiny Kelantan souvenir from me soon!! ;)

Katie H. said...

You make my face hurt from smiling! To get the thumbs-up from someone who actually lives there...that's the best compliment. :) Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it! I don't get too many visitors, but hopefully a few people will see it and learn more about your home. :)

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