Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tenerife makes me sing... (get it? Canary Islands?)

I suck at this blog. But here I go again! I received this stunning postcard from the Canary Islands from user garagurb. The largest island of the Canary Island chain, Tenerife (which has a disproportionately lengthy Wikipedia article) has a population over 800,000. I gather it is sort of the Oahu of the Atlantic Ocean - it's a volcanic island, the most populous in a chain, and it is called the "Island of Eternal Spring," because of its beautifully mild climate. The Canary Islands are a territory of Spain, but the original inhabitants, the Guanche, were a Scandinavian-looking group of cave-dwellers who were barbaric as compared to their contemporaries. Many of these natives succumbed to disease or slavery.

Here's a cool amateur Youtube video that I think shows what Tenerife would really like to a visitor like you or me. It's a video response to a more touristic video, which you can also watch.


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